About the artist

I have always been "creative", however as a kid, many people would have used much less flattering words to describe me; distracted, unorganized, restless, short attention span, wild imagination, to name a few.

Truthfully, I never really considered myself an “artist” until a family friend, who was also an artist, saw one of my drawings.

I remember feeling surprised when she told me, “no dear, you are definitely an artist”.

I’m so thankful for this person because she really encouraged me to pursue and develop my skills.

Thanks to one person recognizing the talent and passion inside me, I began to wonder if art could be more than just a hobby.  I went on to study Studio Art at University and it is now my livelihood. 

Sometimes that is all we need, a little encouragement and an outlet to express what is inside of us. 

A creative mind can manifest in negative and positive ways. I want to encourage aspiring artists and creative minds to pour all of that talent and unused energy into something that is not only positive but also much more fulfilling. 

I believe art can be a powerful and unique lens into viewing the world. It helps us process our emotions and put current events into a perspective that can not be achieved with mere words.